At Clements’ Cutting Board we pride ourselves on quality... Quality in the service you will receive from our trained staff and quality in the products available to you. We sell the finest meats and cheeses: Boar’s Head, Kretschmar, Finlandia and Land O Lakes are just some of the fine brands available.

Whether you’re planning an elegant dinner party or a small gathering with friends, a cheese or sandwich platter is sure to impress. You can stop by our specialty cheese case and check out our assortment of gourmet cheeses from all over the world. We also have all the accompaniments... charcuterie, olives and more!

Clements’ Marketplace Classic Catering makes entertaining easier for any occasion…birthdays, big games, holidays, wedding rehearsals, etc. Next time you’re here, pick up a brochure or view our brochure online. Have any questions? We will be happy to help come up with a tasty menu for your special occasion.

*Due to COVID mandates, some items may be limited or not available at this time.
Chicken Salad
Deli Meats